AffärsHem is a corporate housing agency in Sweden that offers serviced apartments in Malmö. Our apartments are located in the heart of south Sweden; well furnished, and equipped with corporate features and services for a long stay lease.

What is the benefits of a serviced apartments?

1. Price

If you compare our business apartments with staying in a hotel you will get much more for the money, the cost of a hotel room the same size as our business apartments is often 3 times as high and then the guest does not have access to his own fully equipped kitchen.

2. Personal service and contact

You can get in touch with us quickly if you need help, we answer around the clock and do our best to solve problems as quickly as possible.

3. Private

Unlike staying in hotels where you have to go through a manned reception and maybe bump into other hotel guests for breakfast, you can feel right at home in our business apartments and come and go as you please.

4. Flexible

Whether you stay for a few days or a few months, an apartment gives you more flexibility than staying in a hotel. The minimum stay is four nights, but most of our customers need accommodation for longer than that. All apartments are also fully equipped with a kitchen that allows you to eat at home.

5. Service

We understand that the need may look different and therefore we can include more or less service in the rent so that you get a business apartment that covers the parts that are important to you.